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Neuromotiv is defined in two ways -

1. The brain and nervous system's reason for doing something, especially one that is hidden or not obvious.

2. Any activity of the brain and nervous system which produces physical or mechanical motion.

How does Neuromotiv work?

1. Check how you are feeling or performing.

Take an initial test of pain, movement, strength, flexibility, balance, vision cognition, stress level, ect., anything you would like to do or have feel better.

2. Apply a stimulus.

A deliberatate sensation or movement (exercise) chosen to target a specific area of the brain/nervous system to create the immediate desired change.

3. Re-test

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"The goal of any rehabilitation intervention is to re-engage those neural systems rendered dysfunctional from injury and disuse. "

- Jeffrey Kleim, PhD


Upgrade your performance in every aspect of life by shifting from a biomechanical to a neurological lens in your training.

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