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  The PATband by FLEXVIT is an all-purpose band for functional training. With a total length of over three meters and 15 sewn-in loops, the PATband can be used in a variety of ways. The intensity of exercises can be optimally adjusted to the individual training and health status. The PATband was created in collaboration with trainer Patrick Herzog.

  • Product Features

    • Made of fabric (woven rubber) to provide a more comfortable grip and better user experience
    • Available in various size and resistance levels to accommodate any age, ability level, or workout program
    • Machine washable making them the ideal exercise band option for health care and fitness professionals
    • Manufactured in Germany under OEKO-TEK® standards for unmatched quality and comfort with advanced tear resistant technology making snapping, rolling and irritating bands a thing of the past. 
    • More eco-friendly than rubber latex bands. Shop with peace of mind you're making a responsible purchase
  • Product Specs

    • Materials: Natural Rubber, Polyester  
    • Length: 122" (312 cm)
    • Width: 2.4" (6 cm)
    • Stretch - approximately 9 meters 
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